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Welcome to the community site of SQL Server Luxembourg User Group  (SSLUG).

We are the forum for sharing knowledge about SQL Server and surounding products and technologies, for the greater Luxembourg area, i.e. Luxembourg itself as well as the frontier areas in France, Belgium and Germany.

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Next Meeting



SQL Server - Wait Watchers


19th November 2014



Microsoft’s offices in Clausen, Luxembourg






The SQL Server Luxembourg User Group, in conjunction with Dell Software, invites you to join us at our next event, where Richard Douglas will be presenting a double bill:

SQL Server 2014 features everyone can use

Every few years Microsoft releases a new version of SQL Server and the social media frenzy begins about all the new Enterprise features. However not everybody has the chance to work and play with the Enterprise edition of SQL Server. A lot of us have budgetary constraints which mean we can only use the Standard or BI editions. Learn about those new features that you can use in your environment and plan your upgrade to SQL Server 2014.


Wait watchers - Gain Performance Increases Fast!

In this session you will learn all about SQL Server’s wait statistics, these are statistics the database engine stores about the resources it is waiting on. Armed with this information you, as a SQL Server professional, can make better informed decisions on which areas of your environment to tune to greater effect .After attending this session you will be able to know where to find, interpret and use this information to tie down problem areas in your SQL Server estate. Not just to fix that problem query, but improve overall performance for all of your users.

Visit Richard @

The evening will be rounded off with an informal opportunity for members to meet each other and to discuss the topics raised.

When: Wednesday 19th November starting at 5:30pm.

Where: Microsoft’s offices in Clausen, next to Rives de Clausen

This event is free to all registered attendees. To register, either send an e-mail to john.marsh@sql.lu, or visit the following link: http://sqlserverluxembourg.eventbrite.com




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